ARA Donates over 140 Bottles Before Taking Any Donations

February 12, 2021

Just a few days before launch, team members came together to meet people experiencing homelessness and share the mission with them. Overall, thats why ARA® was created! We were overwhelmed with the positive response we received. Many people expressed deep gratitude and appreciation for what could now give them access to cold water for hours.

We spoke with George, a bottle recipient who shared their story with us. He said,

“The hardest thing in this desert is to stay hydrated. You can only carry so many bottles of water and they are mostly hot by the time you drink them. To have an insulated large bottle like you donated… that takes a lot of weight off of you. It truly means a lot. We are so happy to get this and cannot believe you are giving them away for free.”

– George*, bottle recipient

Once we knew that the community we were serving was on board and loved our idea, we knew we could launch will full faith in our idea and confidence in its success.

“This has been a huge need in our community. The traditional plastic bottles donated do not keep water cold and safe in the hot valley temperatures. The ARA® bottles are convenient, easy to carry, and have been a huge request from this community for a while,” says Krystal Wuller, former public school teacher and founder of the ARA® Water Foundation.

Together ARA® is going to save lives and meet a basic human need. Head over to The Cause page and to learn more about who we are!

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