ARA Teams up with Andre House to Donate 200 Bottles

April 11, 2021

Extreme temperatures in the valley cause people experiencing homelessness challenges in accessing water to regulate their body temperature and prevent dehydration. In downtown Phoenix, what's known to locals as "The Zone", over 1,000 individuals live in tents, on the sidewalks, and in cars. In the middle, you can find Andre House, a nonprofit who aims to feed, hydrate, and clothe those in the area.

Father Dan Ponisciak, Executive Director at Andre House, reached out to us in hope we could support this community. Of course we were on board to get water into the hands of those who need it.  ARA®  excitedly jumped on the opportunity  to run a donation event in the parking lot. Volunteers, known as "The Give Back Crew" filled 200 bottles with ice cold water to hand out to Andre House guests.

Guests were grateful and shocked they now have a means to keep water cold and help to stay hydrated even when Andre house is not open. Jasper, a recovering addict, shared with us his new bottle was, "going to save (his) life in the coming months..."

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