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ARA® is planting roots in communities that often feel forgotten. We are telling stories and making friends. We are saving lives from dehydration and heat exhaustion.  We are redefining the way we donate water to those in need. We believe access to safe and clean drinking water is a human right and should not be determined based on your socioeconomic status. Often times when a person is faced with circumstances that cause them to fall homeless, their access to water becomes another major challenge.

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Community Cares with Fox 10 Phoenix

October 18, 2021

Fox 10 Phoenix highlights ARA® founder and CEO. – When Krystal Wuller walked into a gas station to refill a plastic bottle with water, she was told she needed a reusable one instead. She realized she wasn't the only person that this has happened to and that members of our homeless population who rely on refills need a better way to get them.

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