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72% of persons experiencing homelessness are thirsty all or most of the time. When faced with difficult circumstances in life, the last thing you should have to worry about is how to find and pay for water. A basic human need. Often those struggling are given small single-use plastic bottles that allow water to become hot quickly, and do not provide enough water for a day. In high temperatures the chemical bonds in the plastic also break down and leach into the water, making the water unsafe to drink.

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Clean Water is a Human Right

Without cold water, heat kills.

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Often when we think of supporting the homeless community, we think of clothing, food banks, etc. Water is an afterthought… because, for most of us, we have never had to think about where we will get water each day. However, water is a vital lifeline that currently lacks sustainable distribution. Let’s work together to ensure EVERYONE has a means to cold, safe, drinking water!

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